General introduction

Ba Dinh Food Technology Co., Ltd, since its establishment in 2000, has continuously developed and affirmed its position in the market, becoming the leading supplier of food additives and materials in Vietnam. Ba Dinh's products are very diverse, diverse and widely applied in many manufacturing industries such as cakes, candies, jellies, soft drinks, ice cream, fish sauce, soy sauce, instant noodles, food processing, pharmaceuticals. products, animal feed, ...
Our customers are spread across the country, spread across the North and South Central regions with most of the large-scale food factories. Our partners are manufacturers of famous food additives and ingredients in the world.
With the motto "ALWAYS CREATIVE TO BE THE LEADER", Ba Dinh's mission is always looking for new SOLUTIONS and NEW DIRECTION based on long-term sustainable business platform to bring customers satisfaction. perfect.


BFC has become the most trusted brand in Vietnam in the field of raw materials and food additives with the highest commitment on product quality, service and social responsibility.


Our mission is to become a companion to the success of our customers by committing to providing quality products and services to the community and becoming a fulcrum to shine talents for members.

core values

The customer is the center
BFC has become the most trusted brand in Vietnam in the field of raw materials and food additives with the highest commitment on product quality, service and social responsibility.
An important factor to promote a trusting relationship at work with colleagues, customers and partners. We always respect the truth, do not misrepresent the facts that cause harm to others.
Action is based on the Company's strategy and goals. The departments operate under a clear governance and authorization model to ensure consistency and flexible change with the impact of the business environment.
Proactively and endeavor to perform the assigned tasks and take responsibility for what has been done to bring the best results to the Company and its customers.
Willing to assist colleagues, customers to accomplish common goals. Supplement advantages and disadvantages of members in the same group - The output of this group is the input data of the next group.
Think differently, find and develop ways to realize new ideas, new solutions to solve work more effectively and create differentiated products and services.

core human resources

Support developing ideas, finishing products

We are always looking for the latest raw materials, additives and technologies from leading regional and international suppliers, accompanying customers in product development to make a difference in the market situation. The school is always changing.
BFC technical staff are interested in each component to ensure the product is of high quality, safe and responsive to the needs of customers.

Customer service

The staff is crowded, knowledgeable about the market, with high professional ability can provide services (consulting material trends, products, markets) to meet the needs of customers.

Exclusive distribution

We are the exclusive distributor for leading regional and global manufacturers in Vietnam for product lines: HD Incense, Yeast Extract, Seasoning Sausage ...
With the distribution capacity, prestige and reputation during the past 20 years, more and more large manufacturers in the world have asked BFC to cooperate in exclusive distribution for their strong products in Vietnam.
Corporate culture
BFC is not only a place where employees come to work and receive wages, but also where every BFC member comes together to learn, express themselves and find the meaning of life for themselves.