About us

Ba Dinh Foodstuff Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2000. After two decades of establishment and continuous development in the field of commercial supply of food additives and ingredients, BFC has become one of most trusted businesses. The company's products are diversified and widely applied in many industries producing confectionery, jelly, beverage, ice cream, fish sauce, soy sauce, instant noodles, food processing, animal feed, etc.

With the mission of accompanying partners on the path of success, BFC strives to build a strict quality control process system to bring quality products. BFC is also one of the pioneers in building a technical laboratory to research and develop the application of food additives to provide the best solutions for customers.


BFC has become a technology and trading company with top 10 customer experience and working environment in Vietnam.


Serving people through the core value of trading in food processing technology and providing chemical additives in the food industry.

Core values
  • Customer is the center
    BFC has become the most trusted brand in Vietnam in the field of food ingredients and additives with the highest commitment to product quality, service and social responsibility.
  • Responsibility
    Actively and diligently perform the assigned tasks and take responsibility for what has been done to bring the best results for the Company and customers.
  • Honest
    It is an important factor in promoting trusting relationships at work with colleagues, customers and partners. We always respect the truth, do not distort the truth to harm others.
  • Cooperate
    Willing to support colleagues, customers to accomplish common goals. Supporting the advantages and disadvantages of members of the same group - The output of one group is the input data of the next group.
  • Systematic
    Act based on the Company's strategy and goals. The divisions operate under a clear governance model and decentralization to ensure consistency and flexibly change with the impact of the business environment.
  • Creative
    Think differently, find and develop ways to realize new ideas, new solutions to solve work more effectively and create different products and services.
Core competencies
Support to develop ideas, perfect products

We are always looking for the latest ingredients, additives and technologies from leading regional and global suppliers, accompanying customers in product development to make a difference in the market situation. School is always changing. BFC's team of technical experts cares about each ingredient to ensure the product is of high quality, safe and meets the needs of customers.

Customer service

With a large staff, knowledgeable about the market, with high expertise, we can provide services (consulting on trends in materials, products, markets) to meet the needs of customers.

Exclusive distribution

We are the exclusive distributor for leading regional and global manufacturers in Vietnam for the following product lines: HD flavor enhancer, Yeast extract, Sausage seasoning... With distribution capacity Over the past 20 years, more and more major manufacturers in the world have requested BFC to cooperate in the exclusive distribution of their strong products in Vietnam.