Food flavoring Smoke flavor – Smoke sausage

  1. Product name: Food flavoring Smoke flavor – Smoke sausage
  2. Ingredients: Dextrose, salt, silicon dioxide E 551, smoke flavor
  3. Description: Powder small light yellow to light brown granules, with a characteristic smoky scent
  4. Instructions for use: Used object and content as specified in the Consolidated Document No.02/VBHN-BYT consolidated document on guidance on food additive management
  5. Storage Instructions:  Store in a cool, dry place.
  6. Product shelf life:  02 years from the date of manufacture and unopened.
  7. Packaging specifications and packaging materials:
  • Packing:   1kg/bag; 1kg/bag x 25bags/carton
  • Packaging material:   Carry thick PE, carton to ensure quality and food safety standards.
Food flavoring Smoke flavor – Smoke sausage

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