Opening the "BFC-wide Golden Week" BTC has launched a productive work week - a month of active work. On behalf of BFC's Board 
of Directors, Mr. Ta Quang Hoa shared meaningful and energetic wishes to all employees. According to him, "From time to time, BFC's 
leadership has rebuilt the strategy, adjusted the management model, invested in the human resources, created a good working environment 
for employees to become more active. become an asset and make a greater contribution to the development of BFC. Changes in development 
goals, strategies, and management are steps in the process of restructuring BFC. Change is seen as a way for BFC to exist and develop. Through 
customer experience with BFC, we realize that single changes will not be successful. Change is chosen as one of the elements that make up the 
BFC culture.”

BTC also hopes that in this birthday month, departments, and BFC members will save the best memories in the month of their 21st anniversary.

The next program "Golden cake across BFC" will take place on Friday morning, November 5, 2021 with very attractive prizes. I hope all BFC 
employees attend and win prizes. BTC will update prize information and rules in the next post.