ATTP 2023 Seminar Organized by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology


We are honored to be part of the seminar on implementing the 2023 regulations on food safety organized by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology. In this event, we aim to share our 23 years of passionate and unwavering commitment in the food industry.

Key Points:

  • Development Stages: Having gone through robust development stages, we combine culinary passion with specialized knowledge and technological prowess. 🌱🚀

  • Trusted Partner: BFC, or Ba Dinh Technology Joint Stock Company, has earned a reputation as a trusted partner of customers. 🤝🌐

Sharing at the Seminar:

  • New Product Development Process: We will delve into the application of modern development processes to bring every creative idea to life. 🔄📈

About BFC:

  • 23 Years of Experience: With 23 years in the food industry, BFC proudly stands as a reliable partner. 🎉📆

  • Multidisciplinary Expert Team: Our expert team not only includes internal talents but also professionals from strategic partners worldwide, committed to supporting you every step of the innovation journey. 👩‍🔬🌎

Journey Together and Sharing:

  • Support in the Journey: BFC is not just a supplier of food ingredients and additives but also aims to co-journey by sharing research findings in your innovation journey. 🤝📚

Vision for 2024:

  • Co-development: Through innovative approaches and exciting product stories, we hope to co-develop together in 2024. 🚀🌟

Let’s build a future full of hope and creativity together!