(VOH) – On the afternoon of May 22, in Ho Chi Minh City, domestic and foreign experts and businesses attended the scientific conference “Yeast extract, natural flavor enhancer”, to discuss the achievements of extracting yeast. Yeast, food ingredients, environmentally friendly green food organized by Ba Dinh Technology Co., Ltd in collaboration with Angel Yeast.

Experts and businesses at home and abroad attended the scientific conference “Yeast extract, natural flavor enhancer”.

Fermented mushrooms are natural products with many nutrients and high application efficiency in food processing. In particular, flavor enhancer extracted from yeast has been used in food for many years in the world and is now available in Vietnam. Yeast extract is extracted from nutritional components to remove cell components, undergo fermentation to natural decomposition, this substance is often used in instant noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce. , sauces, meat processing… This is a natural ingredient that helps to increase flavor, increase flavor, give natural color, gradually remove monosodium glutamate, good for consumers’ health./.

News, photo: Le Loan
Source from the VOH online newspaper, Voice of the People of Ho Chi Minh City